We've been using Dan for our mortgage needs since we bought our first home, 20 years ago.  His creativity with complex multi-home, multi-family transactions has enabled us to execute strategies we'd never imagined.  He has always been available for everything from simple advice to complete service.  We appreciate his sincerity and integrity.


Paul & Jane - paul-m.welch@hp.com
I have had the pleasure of working with Dan on several occasions to obtain financing for investment properties. He has always worked diligently to bring forward the best options possible. It's not only Dan's knowledge of the industry that sets him apart from so many others, but when you include the honesty, integrity, and and Dan's personality into the mix, you've got the total package. I look forward to working with Dan in the future and highly recommend his services to everyone.

Mike Nisen - m-dnisen@comcast.net
Dan has been our mortgage broker for more than 8 years.  He's led us through two (or three) refinances and two purchases.  His patience and knowledge are his best attributes.  He can be trusted to give sound recommendations and understands the market when issues and questions have arisen.  I would follow Dan to any new firm he goes to, because there is no one I trust more.

Dan recommended that Carl and I take an investment course with the Goodlife Guys which was a partnership of Dan and Robert.  Because of our trust in Dan we did so.  The exercise we went through was invaluable to our understanding of what we need to do for our finances, retirement and investments.  Everyone should take his course.



Karen & Carl Barnes
To Whom It May Concern:

There are three very key points in my business association and relationship with Dan Noble,
1)Knowledge of Finance
2)Control of Transactions
3)Suggestions for Making the Soundest Decisions

At the outset of our first meeting Dan's knowledge of how the process of purchasing real estate works--and how it works best--was a big reason for me to  further our association. He consistently has his  brain's fingers on what is going on in the economic world of business that will affect the outcome of my transaction. And, furthermore, how best to meet those challenges to my advantage. He is consistently well schooled, and well up on what is going on in the world of finance.

During each transaction, Dan would always call me before I needed to call him, in order to give me the outline of where my transaction was in the scheme of the process, discussing possible bottlenecks, pitfalls, detours, and deadlines. He made me feel that he understood my concerns when I encountered some of these barriers, and had a plan to help me offset any serious downturns. Many people in his line of work don't seem to get personally involved like he does, nor even care to. He often was prepared to move ahead well before deadlines were due.

At the outset of each transaction, Dan would lay out several options, plans if you will, to proceed given a variety of scenarios. These plans led to making sound decisions based on sound reasoning, and often without the kinds of commitments which paints one into a corner. I have had success with Dan on this matter both for my clients and for myself personally. He provided options for the best decisions, their respective advantages, and that's a big help in making a sound business and financial decision.


K. Chamberlain - Coldwell-Banker Real Estate 
Let me take a moment and expound on my experience working with Dan Noble. He and I are colleagues in the Mortgage lending industry. I’ve known Dan for several years now, and have gotten to know him both personally and professionally.

Dan has a ton of experience in finance and lending, and is an acute observer of the marketplace. I have often sought out Dan’s advice on business matters, taking full advantage of his keen powers of observation. He works with the utmost integrity on behalf of his clients. His work style is that of someone who is the consummate professional- systematic, ethical, organized and highly productive.

I can also personally vouch for his strong character. He has the kind of maturity and worldly wisdom that makes you seek out his opinion on endeavors before you put them into practice. I have come to trust his judgment and his instincts- it is his hard-won experience and perspective that makes him one of my most valuable business relationships. I would give him my highest recommendation for anyone looking to take advantage of a seasoned professional, whose instincts and character are an invaluable resource when making impactful decisions or taking on large projects.


Alan J. Eidinger
Mortgage Lending Consultant
Silicon Valley Mortgage
650 North Winchester Boulevard Suite 1A
San Jose, CA 95128

I have known and worked with Dan Noble for the past 15 years. His knowledge and expertise has guided me through many different financial situations and opportunities. Dan has not only been able to advise me on current financial state and personal goals, but also has the incredible talent to explain his reasoning in layman’s terms - I have been able to fully understand, so I was comfortable with my decisions.

I have done very well with Dan’s advice, and trust him fully. He is the first person I go to when I have an idea/question. And, Dan is very good about following up to see how I am doing, and consult, if needed.

I highly recommend Dan to anybody who has an interest in learning about the opportunities in finance and real estate, not only personally, but also for investment.

Cheryl & Bill
My name is Mitchell and I’m a happy Good Life Guys customer,

I’ve known Dan Noble for more than 10 years now, so when he described to me an investment idea he was working on, I was very interested and wanted to look further.

Dan, along with Robert Bethge formed a team which is now the Good Life Guys, and almost immediately I started benefiting.  Dan and Robert took the time to educate me as to the ways of real estate investing and this has taken me a long way in understanding the benefits and pitfalls that one could encounter along the way.

The Good Life Guys (GLG) offer many levels of service, but for me the best of the GLG services is ‘turnkey investing’ where GLG handles all of the day-to-day responsibilities of your investments.  They do this for a fee, but it’s well worth it to me because my time is much more valuable.  I have multiple investments being managed by GLG right now and am nearing COE of another.

Each of my GLG-managed investments is ‘special’ in one way or another.  I don’t just invest in any real estate; GLG researches, locates, evaluates and recommends specific investment properties based on detailed calculations of prices, market conditions and comparisons of local properties.  Only when a property shows significantly high calculated profits are properties then recommended to me by GLG.

Personally, I love investing because although I have to invest a significant amount of money, I don’t ever ‘spend’ the money, so I get to invest it again and again.

I definitely recommend The Good Like Guys to the serious investor.

After retiring, my husband and I realized we would be limited on how much we could do on a fixed income.  We attended a seminar with the

Goodlife Guys and were enlightened by what we learned.  We realized by the time we were both retired we would not have the

financial stability we had hoped for.  After going through the classes and learning the potential of what we could accomplish with what we

have, we decided to invest in the expertise of Robert and Dan and real estate.  They have guided and supported us through the whole process. In doing

so they have made it much easier for us to reach our financial goals for our very near future.

Steve and Armida Mesa
Testimonial for The GoodLifeGuys:

Before I started working with the GoodLifeGuys, I was only putting money away into a retirement fund, a 457b, and considered that investing. Through taking the course with them, I learned I can use the equity from my condo to invest in real estate and gain a much greater return on investment than with a retirement fund. I learned how to make my equity work for me, instead of relying just on my (teacher’s) salary. Robert and Dan have acted as my advisors and have done most of the legwork for me for which I don’t have the time or expertise to do. They’ve made it really easy for me to feel confident in making good investment choices. Also, they have been excellent at communicating to me my choices for my financial situation and keeping me informed at each step of the way.

I now own a house in Texas and will soon be earning a rental income – a possibility that would have never occurred to me without help from an investment team!

Kirsten Larson
My professional relationship with Dan Noble began over 30 years ago, and during those years he has advised and counseled through the purchase and sale of six different properties, and managed countless refinances to shift equity and strengthen our investment position.  In every transaction Dan presented all possible options - even those he didn’t strongly support - and then my husband and I made the decision. Through the execution of each transaction Dan’s professionalism and business ethics set a high standard for those in his business. I have listened to the nightmares of dear friends who discovered unexpected surprises on their real estate deals. In 30 years with Dan Noble there have never been surprises. Over the last 10 years Dan helped us position our real estate wealth to achieve our long term dream. Today we are living that dream – early retirement to a lovely home on 40 acres in the Sierra foothills.

Michael & Kathryn