We feel it as a privilege to have Robert and Dan advise us on our investing projects.  Working closely with Dan over the past three years has taught us so much and we have a great amount of faith in him to steer us in the right direction for our equity growth.  Their knowledge in real estate and mortgage lending far outweighs any other person we have come into contact with over the years.  What you see is what you get with both Robert and Dan.

Chris and Sharon
Recently when the home we inherited sold, we had a lot of cash to allocate. Our initial reaction was to put it all against our mortgage to reduce the payment sending in one lump sum mortgage payment. Dan has been our personal financial consultant for so many years I can’t remember when is began but I do know it was more than 11 years ago when we started our cabinet making business.

We called Dan just to check our thinking and amazingly we were able to save more each month than we thought we were going to and still able to put a larger sum into a higher yielding savings than we expected for emergency reserves. This was a very well placed phone call. Dan has always been the only person we trust to guide us in the right direction when it comes to finances and investing. We look forward to many more years of excellent results.

Gregg & Sheri Kurz
In the past 11 years, Dan has helped me with mortgage financing and performed analyses for me from time to time. I also have referred several friends to him as well. So when interest rates hit rock bottom, my first and only call was to Dan Noble for help with refinancing my home.

Although Dan no longer works directly for a lender or a mortgage broker, his vast experience in mortgage loans, real estates, and financial market makes him a very valuable resource that helped me see how to get to the financial future I want. So I hired Dan to guide me through the refinance process. As usual, one phone call to Dan and it was in his capable hands. Dan submitted my request to the best brokerage firm he knew. That brokerage firm found me the lowest rate. The next thing I knew, I was signing the loan papers with Dan right there making sure everything was proper. It was absolutely painless.

Having someone like Dan to trust with big financial decision/process is very important to me. As I’m trying to hold on to my job, I cannot be distracted by being on the phone all day with banks and brokerage firms. Dan gives me peace of mind. Dan, the stress buster! Oh, did I mention that he’s also an incredibly nice guy?

Riva Canton - Santa Cruz, CA | March 2009
avatarDan knows personal finance and is a terrific resource for helping families reach their financial goals, fulfilling their dreams.

Jeffrey Morrison
avatarDan and I have worked on numerous projects together. He is a wealth of information and has built a great team of advisors. In this day and age, you need good advice, and the Satori team can help you in all area's of finance, investment, insurance, mortgage planning, budgeting, etc. You have to listen in to some of his Webinars, very informative. I would recommend Dan for personal finance consulting.

Ray Avanzino
Senior Loan Officer at Prospect Mortgage, LLC

avatarI hired Dan Noble for life and business coaching and my results have far exceeded expectations. He supported me in defining both my personal and business goals and then setting priorities. As a bonus, the quality of the life I’m living has improved. Dan is patient, a good listener, smart, and very wise. I highly recommend Dan Noble to you and those you care most about

David Sher
business builder Trusted advisor

avatarThere are a lot of people in the wealth building world who wouldn't know what integrity was if it slapped them upside the head. That is absolutely not the case with Dan Noble and the GoodLife Guys. If you are looking to rapidly accelerate your wealth through real estate investing, make sure you connect with Dan. The service they are providing is not like anything else on the market today. Totally unique. Totally results oriented. Huge ROI.

Kelly O'Neil
President & CEO at Kelly O'Neil International, Inc.

avatarDan helped me to change my thinking to see what was truly possible to increase my wealth while providing for my livlihood - I ultimately acquired an office condo for my CPA practice.

Lori Adam
Owner, Lori Adam, CPA

Dan has created a tremendously powerful solution to an age old problem. He has a deep understanding of what people need and how to help them achieve their goals. All done w/ a simplicity that helps people understand what's going on, which, of course provides peace of mind. Wish I'd thought of it first!!

Brad Marshall
Founder, LPL Wealth Advisor, AIF, CDFA at Marshall Wealth Management Group

avatarDan is extremely knowledgable of his subject matter. He looks out for his clients and puts their best interest first. He is extremely patient. He is effiecient and very reliable. I feel confident that I can put my trust in him and his work.

Audrey C. Meller, PHR
Human Resources Representative at Western Digital